Master courses in special study area Space Geodesy and Navigation

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Fall semester

Number Unit Lecturer
103-0187-01L Space Geodesy  M. Rothacher
103-0657-01L Signal Processing, Modeling, Inversion  A. Geiger
651-4016-00L Geophysical Geodesy  N. Houlié

Spring semester

Number Unit Lecturer
103-0157-00L Physical Geodesy and Geodynamics  M. Rothacher
103-0158-01L Navigation  A. Geiger
103-0178-00L Geodetic Earth Monitoring  M. Rothacher
103-0738-00L GNSS Lab  A. Geiger,
M. Meindl
103-0838-00L Geomonitoring and Geosensors  A. Wieser,
M. Rothacher
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